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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

In Summary...

ya ya, update my blog...lazy la! Watch the video yourself la...summarizes all I worked on this year..

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kem Terumbu Karang P. Redang & P. Perhentian

Well, it's been a while since i last's's another same Coral Reef Camp on two other islands. Same activities, same things happening..even i was getting bored.. didn't really prepare for anything for the camp...getting lazy..enjoying ourselves day before the camp.. but thankfully it went one ok and turned out pretty the final leg of our Coral Reef Camps...Firstly, it was in Redang..quiet kids..not so much fun in the beginning but warmed up after that...

Dolphin group - Michelle-led group did a great job again..unfair!! always get noisy kids!!
and how many dolphin teams have you got since Tinggi???

Rine's group - jerung in a discussion with the team leader layan discipline! no wonder lost!
And the LI students watching as though i'm doing a magic show or something

Group photo..trying to do crazy shot..
but spot the one crazy fella from klang...shall not name names...

Time for the favourite camper awards..Presenting...HAZIQ!!

and Syikin!!!

Thank you Rine, Dean, Michelle, Md Alif, Kap, Abg Weh and En Zul (for good food, never ending food and great football company) and Ku (for saving the hamper during a stormy ride to the village. yes, some stuff for the kids hamper fell into the sea. it was a crazy storm..all got wet. but no photos taken..) and everyone else who helped out!!

Then we moved on to Perhentian Island..Man Ling's second home...

Group shot - the beach is so nice i could just lie down and sleep there under the sun
(just wanted to pose actually)

Great teamwork to dress up the dolphin mascot...dolphin again...guess whose group?anyone?

Besides teaching them about coral reefs, we also give them navy seals training (looks like)
the Marine Park staff are great over here! fun and just very helpful!

Kids acting to be Marine Park officers and some local tourist having a picnic on the beach..

And here, we present the camper of the day!! which is also my choice for the whole camp. Very fun cool guy who was very active and participative!! Great job Syafiq!!

However, This girl, dressed up to be Duyung, was great too!!or she's just cute in her mascot costume! But i'd still give her the best dressed moscot for the whole Camp series!!
Maya, she might take over your role in the future.

Thank you everyone for the successful Coral Reef Camp. Below are the list of awards for the following categories:

Most participative kids - SK P. Perhentian
Most lovable kids - SK P. Sibu
Most good cooks - Mersing and Redang Marine Park staff
Best camper award....EVERYONE!

Lena is rushing me to blog this so i can't really think what i wanna write so i'll just leave it like this..more updates next!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Kem Terumbu Karang P. Tinggi & P. Sibu

The second and third camp - Pulau Tinggi (16-17 May 08)
& Pulau Sibu (20-21 May 08)
Like Tioman, It's been really FUN!!!

Tour to the Marine Park Centre in Pulau Tinggi -
the cool looking guy in the centre is Cikgu or Ustaz Ade (Ustaz tak jadi...)

Upon arriving at the jetty, these kids just came along and start shouting our names and helping us with the stuff (they remembered our names when we only met them for half an hour 3 months ago!)

The winning team - Todak!!!

Team Spongebob
(We asked what you find in the sea and a Std 1 guy said Spongebob and everyone voted for that! We couldn't disappoint them, can we?? btw, I know spongebob has a starfish friend but does spongebob live in the sea?)

Having fun with the kids before the closing dinner..
The guy on the left holding the coconut is very competitive!! Wasn't happy with my football skills, so he tackled me from behind, tripping me, with me landing on my knees on the "nice", field...both knees blue-black kau....

And..favourite camper for Pulau Tinggi...Azie!!!! (on the left)

Then, we moved to Pulau Sibu for the next camp...
This is getting even BETTER!!!

The winning team - Duyung
notice the sulky face of the mascot - forced to wear a bikini (not my fault, like i said to the group leader...Rosak anak orang....)

Team Starfish - very nice to do such big starfish!

Team Nemo

Time for the favourite camper again...Wani!!
no, not the big girl..she's overaged..I don't have any other photos of Wani. Anyway, she's one of my many sons and daughters in Pulau Sibu (the whole kampung knows that since they shout about it around the kampung)

And again, these camps will not happen without the help and support from other people. Thank you all so much for your efforts and support for all the camps!

Thank you Norm, Michelle, Dean and Iza for great support - Kenek for keeping all of us insane? Abg Lotfi, Azlan, Murad, Hamdan, Yasin, Ali, Awie, En. Zol and Zainal for bringing us around in the boat (Full respect to the boat crew - they sleep on the boat in rocky seas at nite to keep the boat safe!) Yana, Fa and Hong for helping out. BP volunteers, teachers from both schools and everyone else who was there and helped out some way or another (oh not to forget, Meme for being the other MU supporter during the champions league final!! Glory glory Man United!! That made this trip the best!).

Looking forward for Redang and Perhentian...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kem Terumbu Karang Tioman 2008

It's been a wonderful two days in Tioman! These kids are just wonderful to be with!

Peserta-peserta Kem Terumbu Karang Pulau Tioman 2008

Rushing to get their name tags - cuz they are jealous I have mine on me already!

The winning team - Dolphin

But they won because our team - Jerung yang baik gave them chance

Everything is ok for nice...

A tour around the Marine Park Centre

Guys all excited and geared up for the snorkelling trip!!

Girls...not so excited??

Acting during the dinner in front of parents and teachers..

And my favourite camper...Zainab!!! She's so cute!! look at her!! She's small size..but her voice is louder than anyone, she's so good in acting (summore use Indon slang when acting as fisherman..haha)

Thank you all for making this successful!! Saras, Iza, En. Zol, En. Anuar, Abg Jabar, En Soffian, En Zul, En. Arshad, Cikgu Khairul, Cikgu Zul, Cikgu Yati,....a lot more la..i need to catch a ferry...thank you all.. YOU know who you all are. Thank you students!!!!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Corals Under Threat

On a trip to Perhentian Island, this is what I've observed...

These guys from the boat were throwing the fuel drums into the sea
to be transported to the resort.

The poor staff has to go and retrieve the fuel drums back to the resort.

The barge was bringing in rocks to be placed near the newly built jetty to stop the waves from hitting against the jetty. If you look carefully, the silt curtain (green floating thing) is not covered properly on the left side and at the back under the jetty.

This is what happenes when the silt curtains are not functioning properly.

Corals are animals, sensitive to the changes in the environment, delicate and fragile. What human does on the surface will affect what happens underneath. Look at the fuel drums. There may not leak but it is definite that there are oil on the outside of the drums. When it's thrown into the sea, there will be oil left on the water. Oil that stinks, endanger marine lives as well as us, humans who swims in that area.

For the jetty construction, they were dumping rocks off the barge into the sea without proper procedures to ensure no sand and mud escapes the area into the surrounding waters. You be the judge as you see the last photo on how much damage that mud is going to cause to the environment around it.

We must stop this kind of irresponsible actions man are taking before all is lost.

Though there were bad stuff happening there but overall,
my trip there was a
Great to see you there, ML...and your friends, they are great man!!! Thank you for the snorkelling, kayaking, volleyballing, drive boat, boat rides and everything..
thank you ML, Marv, Ayie, AP, Akram, Chu (dunno how to spell la),Yo (dunno also) Need to thank manager ar? but he doesn't know does he? :p

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Ocean

The ocean is a beautiful thing
Its waves, its sounds, its face
When you see the ocean
You can't deny it
It's the most beautiful thing that God has made
And you never want to leave
Linnéa Mehler

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

BOYCOTT Carrefour!!!

Selling SHARK'S FIN in their hypermart?

Sold among Dory fillets and Tenggiri?

There are campaigns worldwide to ask governments to stop shark finning.
Why? Because of the depressing facts below:

Fact 1: It is estimated that 100 million sharks are killed annually;
Fact 2: A recent estimate of sharks killed in the fin trade alone stands at 73% of the total number of sharks killed;
Fact 3: The fin is considered the most valuable part of a shark, selling for more that US$700 per kg (compared with US$10 per kg for its meat!); Therefore, many fishermen are practicing live-finning where they cut off the fins and let the shark die in the water!

Your decision changes how the world looks like...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Reef Check in the News again...

Here's another article on last year's annual report.
Thank you Cheng Li from The Star.
Article taken from

Monday, March 24, 2008

Schools in Redang and Perhentian

Let me start with the boring stuff - the schools where I will be running
some programmes later this year

SK P. Redang - The most modern facility/school among the 5 islands schools I've visited

SK P. Perhentian - quite a nice school by the sea

Now, the fun stuff!!

Redang, Here we come!!
Saras, Rine and myself - getting ready to fly on Berjaya Air
(Super Ex!!!)

Welcome to Pulau Redang!
Flying over the Marine Park Centre in Pulau Redang

Sunset at P. Redang!! Look at THAT!!
How not to be emo you tell me!!
Best sunset but "enjoying" it alone? not so enjoyable...

Love the sun, Love the moon, Love the stars, Love the clouds,
Love the sand, Love the sea... Love them all
emo max!!

Me and my lonely companion on the island...
two does fit in there comfortably...

Perhentian!! I
DID NOT edit the photos!!
nice nice nice - speechless..adding to the emo-ness

My 2 days exercise in Perhentian - climbing up (forgot to count how many steps) steep and slanting steps to get to our house
So nice one their staff house - resort pun kalah...

I slept on the hammock the whole night up on the balcony of the house
me taking afternoon nap (actually I'm taking my own photo) - backache la sleep for whole night

And the 3 photographers...
Dean, myself and Rine - thanks for the photos!

Well, it has been a relaxing trip (not really considering the snorkelling, hiking and stairs climbing)
Penuh emo-ness and nightmares... but it's great to see the beauty of God through His creation again